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The Bird, Teackle, and Walker Families


Accomack County, Virginia


Students and instructors work together finding and analyzing documents of  genealogical research value to solve genealogical research problems of their own or those that have been submitted to the college by genealogist enthusiasts who need help solving their genealogical problems.

This website is part of the genealogical research portfolio of the following students:  Victoria Acker Shupe, Karen Bauer, Juanita Friedenberg, Nonna Good, and Dawn Horten.  Jeanette Daniels, professional genealogist, is the instructor guiding and also researching the Bird, Teackle, and Walker research projects. 

You are welcome to follow the research progress of the Bird, Teackle, and Walker families and their allied ancestral lines.  If you are related to any of the them or have research information for any of the Bird, Teackle, and Walker families and would like to contribute to this research project, please contact Jeanette Daniels, professional genealogist, at heritagegenealogycollege@yahoo.com


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